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Cal vs Stanford
"The Big Game"
Woody hayes
Michigan Stadium
Dwight Clark
"The Catch"
Vince Lombardi
Jerry Rice
"Touchdown King"
Cal/Stanford Game
Berkeley 1928
Knute Rockne
'Four Horsemen of
Notre Dame"
Miller, Layden, Crowley
George Halas
Chigago Bears
"Champions 1946"

Kenny Stabler
& John Madden

Notre Dame vs Navy
Southbend 1932
Paul "Bear"
Steve Young
"Player of the Year"

Joe Namath
"Broadway Joe"

Troy Aikman
Dallas Cowboys

Ohio State

Dan Marino
"Third Down"
Knute Rockne
"The Fighting Irish"
Gale Sayers
John Elaway
"Back to Back"
Stanford Stadium
Vince Lombardi & TomLandry
John Elway
"Mile High Salute"